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Winamp for Android is here

There are few people that like the built-in music player of Android OS and many of us are constantly looking for the perfect one. But one has some of the features we have desired, others have some other of the wanted features and the choice is hard. Now the best player for the computers – Winamp has its own beta version for Android, available for free on the Market.

Some of the most interesting features of Winamp for Android are:

  • Lockscreen widgetwhen playing, the player integrates with the lock screen, similar to the built-in media player.
  • Headset button controls – the player can be controlled by the buttons on your headset, showing pretty good behavior. A problem may arise if you receive an incoming call, but let’s not forget it is still a beta.
  • Wi-Fi and USB music sync – installing the latest version of Winamp on your computer will let you synchronize the music between your computer and Android device wirelessly or via a USB connection.
  • WiFi streaming from your Android to your desktop player – it works again with the latest beta version of Winamp for your computer. Pretty cool, going to a party and stream the music directly from your device.
  • Play queue support – this is one of the distinct features of the desktop Winamp. The android version let’s you pick the tracks’ order in which you want your music played and then you can even save it to a separate playlist.

Other features that need mentioning are the widget support, media control buttons on every screen of the application, nice and sleek interface,  ability to set a song as a ringtone via Winamp (just like in the built-in player) and ability to permanently delete a music file from your device. Of course there are some bugs like strange “SD Card error” while scanning the contents of the SD card, or interruption of the playback when a background sound occurs, but Nullsoft will surely fix this issues. And I’m anxious to see what else would surprise us in the next releases – probably a Shoutcast streaming support?

Scan the QR code bellow and test Winamp for Android beta.

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Have you ever wanted to be able to listen to the whole music collection on your computer while you are away. Until now many of us had to pick our favorite music and load it into the SD card, but then we are limited to its size. And to be honest, most of us have from 2GB to 8GB memory cards and this is not enough for all the favorite tracks. SkyTunes is the solution to all your problems with this. In addition to the Android application, you have to install a server application on your computer, which is able to run on any platform thanks to the Adobe Air technology.

Once the server side is installed on your computer, you have to do some configuring. The application will auto-detect your private and public IPs and you have to pick a port (it is recommended to use some between 6000 and 8000). If you are behind a firewall or router, you have to permit the use of the chosen port. Once done, the only thing you have to do is to enter the public IP and the port into SkyTunes on your Android device and you are ready to listen to your music collection wherever you go. If you want to download Skytunes, visit their website at

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