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Sony Ericsson announced that the super slim, stunningly designed Xperia will be available by August in Sony stores at the cheapest rate of $599.99. The product will also be purchasable on, and Xperia runs on the latest Android platform of version 2.3 with all the best features making it one of the strongest smart phones in the market.

Peter Farmer, Head of Marketing of North America stated that “The Xperia™ arc certainly delivers an entertaining smart phone experience and breathtaking design that has generated rave reviews in other markets and we’re thrilled to make it available to U.S. customers,” he added further “At Sony Ericsson, we strive to bring consumers the best in mobile entertainment in superior smart phone design.”

Xperia possesses an extra wide BRAVIA 4.2” multi touch reality display screen to ensure the best viewing experience. It’s almost the slimmest smart phone available in the market and exceedingly light weight (The Samsung Galaxy SII just marginally slips into that title). The smart phone is loaded with 8.1 mega pixel camera with HD quality video capturing capability. The Xperia Arc features Sony’s award winning Exmor R CMOS chip for enhanced photo quality and a built in HDMI connector with which you can connect the phone with any external display/screen to enjoy your classy moments captured by the HD quality camera. Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc with its eye catching curvature design fits in your hand comfortably, like no other smart phone ever fitted before. It combines Android and the best of Sony features into one beautiful, easy to use and easy to carry smart phone.

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The Xperia Active is Sony Ericsson’s newly announced smartphone; it is essentially built to withstand the elements. It is dust proof, water resistant and even has “wet figure tracking”.

This new Android smartphone was made keeping two types of people in mind, one who are sportier in nature and the other who tend to sweat profusely. Most probably it is not built to withstand a dip in the swimming pool or a fall in the toilet. It is mainly made for those people who would like to use their smartphone while sweating it out on the treadmill, or for others who would like to check out their Runkeeper stats while sweating out.

Sony Ericsson on Wednesday released the Xperia Ray, which is a rather plain, simple Android smartphone. It has a 1-GHz processor, 3.3-inch screen and 8.1-megapixel back facing camera. This device was unveiled at CommunicAsia tech conference in Singapore.

The past few years have seen releases of several Android based smartphones. Because of the over-flooding we see that most of the phones have very similar features. The user can hardly differentiate between two different smartphone devices.

Sony Ericsson has gone out of its way and releasing a totally new hardware design with minimal software modifications. The Xperia Play (or PlayStation phone), it includes a built-in, slide out PlayStation controller interface; this is a pioneer release by the company. The release of Xperia Active is similar to the play-curveball addition to the company’s line up of smartphones which aim to standout in a crowded market. Both Sony Ericsson Android smartphones will be available this fall.

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In recent times, android has made a statement in the world of mobile and tablets, with many of the new mobiles and tablets released with latest versions of Android. Almost all the big tablet makers and smartphone manufacturers have connected themselves with Android to capture as much market as possible. If this is the case, how can Sony ignore Android? Now, Sony has decided to shake hands with android with their recent application launch on android platform through which music unlimited can be accessed to download and listen to unlimited music.

Music Unlimited is an online streaming store which was launched in December last year in US, Australia, New Zealand and Europe and allows users of Sony devices to stream more than seven million songs available in the store. But one thing it lacked was its access to mobiles and by launching its application for android mobile users, it overcame this deficiency.

Last week Sony announced that they will restore Qriocity music and its video sharing service all over the world except Japan because of shutting down the service due to its hacking and compromised personal data. This app launch will avail the service to users of android based smart phones, few Sony devices such as Playstation 3, Sony televisions connected through the internet and blue ray players.

This app will allow users to access music content from a large catalogue of seven million songs licensed from not only Sony Music but also labels such as Universal Music, EMI Music, Warner Music and many other independent labels. To access this music, monthly subscription fee starts from as low as $3.99.

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The wait is over and the first Google TV was finally announced by Sony, presenting their 46-inch GT1 Sony Internet TV. This is the first TV ever in the world, that is capable of playing HDTV, install and run applications on it and browse the web, thus making it not just a TV but something between a TV and a computer. The device will be selling for a price of 1399$, which is about 500$ cheaper than it was initially reported.

The Sony Google TV will be available in four sizes – 24”, 32”, 40” and 46”, prices respectively at 599$, 799$, 999$ and 1399$. The main features of the first Google TV are:

  • Built in Google TV
  • Four HDMI and four USB input ports
  • Intel Atom processor
  • Access to the Android Market in the early 2011
  • Full HD 1080p LED display, with an exception of the smallest 24” display which will feature a regular CCFL backlit LCD panel.
  • Picture-in-picture style system, called by Sony Dual View, making it possible to browse the web and watch TV at the same time

An interesting addition is the RF QWERTY keypad remote with integrated optical mouse. It’s like a small computer keyboard, mouse and a remote control all in one, making the browsing in internet and Android market much easier. All the four TVs will be available in the Sony Style store this weekend and they are expected to show up at Best Buy stores starting from October 24.

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