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News360 Android App
News360 is becoming the most trusted in the latest generation of news alert programs. It is enhancing the minds and ideas of people by updating them minute by minute with the happenings of the world. It has now launched a News360 application for android phones running versions 2.2 and upwards of the android os. News360 can be downloaded free from the Android market.
News360 compiles news and information in a unique and intelligent way from different reliable sources and gathers it all in an innovative interface. The application runs on enhanced semantic analysis technology which has been developed over the last ten years.

Android smart phones are the latest phones to experience the new version of News360. With the release of News360 application for Android supported smart phones, News360 is now available for all the specific platforms in the US.
The application reviews news content from more than 4000 media portals globally and it utilizes the best information with qualitative analysis for incredible results. It presents news from different sources in cluster so that the user may get viewpoints from the showcase. It provides very rich background information by linking more than 700000 companies, people and brands in content.
The user can listen to the live streaming of videos around the globe in English. The user can save stories for offline review also. The application grabs the attention of the user with its interactive and highly innovative graphical presentation and optimization.
News360 has become one of the most downloaded applications on the android market and it has been also highlighted as a featured app. It has been downloaded more than 40,000 times since the time it was released. News360 has held 5 star rating average among the 2400 reviews on iTunes.

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If you want to add a new feature to your Android phone for making it more appealing, get some of the interesting android latest news apps. News apps enable you to get updated wherever you want and whenever you want. One of the most amazing things about the latest Android news apps is that the majority of them are available for free.

When you hear of free apps, you get perplexed about the selection of the right one. It is always difficult for you to make the correct decision. It is totally up to you if you want a local news app or an international news app. When it comes to quality, apps from a more popular source and a larger market are far better than any of the other available applications.

Fox News is one of those latest Android news apps that offer you the traditional opinion. However, you can vary the types of news matters that you want to receive on your phone. You must have heard about Tech Buzz Widget so far. It is also among some of the best news apps for android. If you are a techno-junky, you are going to love this app.

Tech Buzz Widget offers you the hottest news regarding technology, gaming and even about android OS. If you are addicted to NY Times and yet do not want to pay for the paper, then it is the moment for you to acquire the latest Android news app named NY Times for Android phone. It will surely make it possible for you to access all the NY Times’ articles. There are no doubts about the quality of this app, because it is from one of the most reliable and popular sources on worldwide.

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