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Google wants to make Android safer for its users, for this it has removed more malware-infected applications from its Android Market. This action was done in response to the report of Xuxian Jiang, an assistant professor in computer science at North Caroline State University.

Jiang had published a malicious code, dubbed “Plankton” recently in a blog post. “Plankton” has the capacity to remotely access a command-and-control (C&C) server for instructions, and upload additional payloads. Once a person installs the fake app, Plankton has the capacity to call in other files from the hacker-controlled server and this would exploit one or more un-patched Android bugs.

A total of 10 apps have been pulled by Google. Many of these apps were not affected by the malware but were helping in the delivery of Plankton. “Angry Birds” was the game being used by the malware.

On June 5th, Google Apps were infected with “DroidKungFu” which works on the same bases as “DroidDream” which was the first malware to hit the Android Market. It is connected to an unauthorized Chinese App stores, two days later “YZHCMS”, a Trojan horse was reported, it was sending hidden text messages.

We see that malicious apps are causing a lot of problem to Google Android since the last few months. In March Google had to pull down more than 50 programs which were able to compromise phones and remotely issue commands.

Around two weeks ago Google was forced to suspend nearly three dozen malicious apps from the market. “Droid Dream Light” was the cause for it and was connected to the March Campaign.

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Did you ever think that there can be an application with malware in open Android market? Google just removed some of the malware affected open application from the android market last weekends. The applications were checked and it was found that they had some malicious data which could have compromised significant personal data.
This was not the first incident of Google deleting malware application. In early March this year, Google deleted certain applications which were affected by malware known as Droiddream. In addition, Google also sent a security update to all its clients to remove malware affected programs. It has also been heard that a recent malware was also developed by the users of Droiddream.

Actually, the problem was reported by one of the android applications developer that his modified version of existing applications was distributed on Google even before released. This incidence brought malware to notice of Google and Google took an action after investigating the issue.
Google has also warned Android users to download applications only from the trusted sources and has also asked users to check permission request prompted by such applications. Users have also been asked to check whether the application matches the feature it actually claims. Google has also asked users to check the unusual activities from phone such as sending useless messages and uninitiated network activities. It has also requested its users to download mobile security application from the market to keep phone safe from all such events. So, if you are a regular android market visitor and looking to download application, please take care of such malware applications and also download android security application.

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