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Why I Will Never Buy An iPhone

Apple iPhone 5 2012

With the launch of the new iPhone 5 (or is that 4.2) the other day the world is swept up into iPhone fever. Folks are rushing out to get their hands on their shiny new best friend. All this hoopla (or what Psychologist Robert Cialdini may refer to as Social Proof) over a phone, an Apple product, regurgitates in my head the core reason (get it, apple – core!) I will never buy an iPhone and it’s this same core functionality that Steve Jobs insisted on in the development of the iPhone and indeed iPad…. locking the them down, tying them to iTunes.

Jobs had a vision and he followed it, steadfastly and I respect him for that, it doesn’t mean I can’t disagree with him. I hate the idea of having to load a certain piece of software just to view, add or remove  files, pictures, videos, whatever from my phone or any device for that matter (some digital cameras come to mind). I often wonder do iPhone users know this…. an Android phone you can just plug into any pc and add or remove files just as you would with a usb memory stick, no other software is required. Apple you have to use their software.

A cable of course is required, but not a special cable, most android phones now have micro or mini USB, yes that’s the same as you use for your camera or your GPS or non Apple mp3 digital music player, I even have a torch that uses a Micro usb port! Point is, they are everywhere, they are a standard. If you buy an Android phone I’d be pretty confident you already own a cable that connects to it and if you buy an Android next year or three years time chances are, that cable will fit it, unlike the new iPhone 5 cable where that cable fits an iPhone 5 and an iPhone….. or maybe an Apple…. no just an iPhone 5. Apple you have to use their cable.

Ok, lets just say you are happy with the ties iTunes cast’s upon you. Are you happy with how the iPhone looks? No… sure just change to another iPhone design…. oh no hold it, you cant, no you can, just go back a model or two. I don’t want this post to be an Apple bashing and a hail to Android post as I do think Apple make a great phone but there is no way that one phone can be perfect for everybody and this is what Apple are telling people and they buying into it, upgrading into it! Robbing people’s individuality. Apple you have to use their style.

Dear iPhone user, when was the last time you turned to a fellow iPhone user and said “hey look did you see what I can do with my phone?” Bar showing them an app (which they can just go and download and do the same as you) I’m guessing it was years.

Joel Runyon worte a blog post about meeting the inventor of the first PC, Russell Kirsch, in a cafe in Portland. Kirsch made a great point about tablets on how they are used to consume information, how they lacked the ability to empower the user to be creative, unlike a PC where you can learn multiple languages to create code and develop software, tablets he felt stifled creativity. I feel its the same with an iPhone… You have to use Apple’s software, Apples’ cables and Apple’s style. Blinkered to use Apple and that’s why I will never buy an iPhone.


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Google Play Gift Cards

It was a while back when the notion of Google Play Gift Cards came into my head, so went on the hunt and googled the bejesus out of it… a fruitless effort, they didnt exist. What I did find was a whole host of discussions and pleas for people all over the world for Google to get up off their ass’s and create a Gift Card/Voucher for the Google Play store, it was a no brainer. Apple have been doing it for years with their iTunes store.

We are delighted and over the moon to bring you the news that now finally gift cards will become available in the not to distant future for Google Play…. Wohoo!!!!

Rumors started a few days ago when the latest apk or application file for the Play Store was updated, the folks over at Android Police interrogated the apk and found evidence for the potential addition of gift cards, just yesterday Android Central were “slipped” a few photos of the actual packaging for the gift cards. As shown above.

As of yet, all evidence points to definitely a USA launch, the gift cards are in US dollars, $10 and $25 denominations.  I’d be very surprised if there are not more including a $5 and $40 or $50 denominations. As for international currency well thats another matter…. maybe not at first but eventually. When, I hear you say will they become…. possibly end of August is the answer.

Here’s also hoping they create digital versions of them, which i think would be very useful. Any friends that usually get gifts from me at Christmas, well now they know what they are getting this year!!

On a side note… the coloured triangle, is it me or does it remind you of a certain Pink Floyd album cover??

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Syncing Android with iTunes

Syncing your iTunes playlist with your Android device may have been considered somewhat of a painful process in the past, and as with many painful processes of the past… there’s an app for that: iSyncr!


Figure 1: iSyncr layout

Along with apploximately 4.5 million others I bought into the iPod dream during its 4th generation back in 2005. In fact this bad boy still pumps out the tunes when required, albeit with the aid of a new hard drive and new battery. Naturally my desktop was installed with iTunes for the purpose of feeding this 60GB beast with a fair share of bopping beats. Since then iTunes has become my first preference music player around the house.

But it’s fair to say that the portable music landscape has changed since the heady days of the mid aughties. Smartphones with intergrated music players have now become the weapon of choice for the purpose of eardrum abuse. This presents somewhat of a conundrum for us ‘smart’ Android users. If that conundrum formed itself into a question it would present itslef a little like this: ‘How do I Sync my iTunes playlist with my Android device?’

The answer is iSyncr. An android application form the guys at JRT Studio which allows you to easily sync selected playlists from your iTunes library with your android mobile device. This app is extremely useful if you have started using your smartphone as a music player and wish to update the music on a regular basis. Also if you wish to limit the memory your music takes up on your device, a regular playlist sync will keep your music selection fresh.

Figure 2: iSyncer setup.

Here at Android Mobiles we found this app to be user friendly and the initial set-up is a breeze. Once the app is installed you will need to connect your device to a PC (as an external drive) and select which iTunes playlists you wish to have synced to the android device. After this initial and painless setup you are free to start syncing your existing iTunes playlists to your android device. Some of the neat features included with the paid version of this application include:

  • Ability to sync your ratings between iTunes and android device.
  • Sync songs downloaded to your android device back onto your PC.
  • Inclusion of album artwork with your synced music.

Another neat add-on is iSyncr Wi-Fi which allows wireless syncing with your playlists through your wireless LAN.

A free Lite version of iSyncr is available, but with limitations to its functionality. The lite version limitations include:

  • Each playlist can only include 20 songs.
  • Separate playlists must be synced one at a time.
  • Playcount syncing for smart playlists not included.

This is an easy to use application which solves an annoying problem. If you regularly update the music selection on your android device this application will be of great benefit.

At Android Mobiles we love to see simple applications which are reliable, easy to use and solve an annoying problem. Well done to the guys at JRT studio, keep up the good work.


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News360 Android App
News360 is becoming the most trusted in the latest generation of news alert programs. It is enhancing the minds and ideas of people by updating them minute by minute with the happenings of the world. It has now launched a News360 application for android phones running versions 2.2 and upwards of the android os. News360 can be downloaded free from the Android market.
News360 compiles news and information in a unique and intelligent way from different reliable sources and gathers it all in an innovative interface. The application runs on enhanced semantic analysis technology which has been developed over the last ten years.

Android smart phones are the latest phones to experience the new version of News360. With the release of News360 application for Android supported smart phones, News360 is now available for all the specific platforms in the US.
The application reviews news content from more than 4000 media portals globally and it utilizes the best information with qualitative analysis for incredible results. It presents news from different sources in cluster so that the user may get viewpoints from the showcase. It provides very rich background information by linking more than 700000 companies, people and brands in content.
The user can listen to the live streaming of videos around the globe in English. The user can save stories for offline review also. The application grabs the attention of the user with its interactive and highly innovative graphical presentation and optimization.
News360 has become one of the most downloaded applications on the android market and it has been also highlighted as a featured app. It has been downloaded more than 40,000 times since the time it was released. News360 has held 5 star rating average among the 2400 reviews on iTunes.

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