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Apple iCloud
During the presentation from Steve Jobs a few days ago, many eyes caught the attention of Apple’s upcoming iCloud service. However, there were more eyebrows up when Apple unveiled new features of iOS5 which will be released to customers later this year with Apple iPads and new versions of iPhone. It seemed that many of these features were the adaption of few extravagant features from other OS’s that distinguished those OS’s from other ones. Let us look at some these features and you might be convinced of what we are talking about here:

Notifications: A new notification feature allows users to get the notification about mails, calendar events or new text messages even at the time when phone is locked. This is purely borrowed from Android. Another borrowed feature is that unobtrusively, an alert comes up at the top of your phones screen as a bar when you’re working with some other application. Just like window-shade, you can pull down that bar just like you would do so with an android phone.

Reminders: It’s not just a simple reminder feature. It’s about assigning the list of things as a reminder to GPS location in your phone. This means, phone will give you a reminder to buy cosmetics when you are passing from particular location.
Messaging: It is about extending the iPhone messaging to other iOS devices with some enhancements like adding a picture or a video by tapping the camera icon and selecting content to attach to message.
Contacts: Now, contacts can integrate with data from many different sources just as it’s possible in Android phones.

The list of the features given above is just a preview. There are many other features borrowed by iOS from many other OS as well.

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According to the latest analysis, Android operating system from Google now dominates 36 percent of smart phone mobile market in US which is far better than iOS which dominates 26 percent of the market and the third one is Blackberry from RIM with 23% of the market share.

The report of the latest analysis also describes that the battle of U.S. smart phone dominancy is at the stalemate stage with the number being same since past three months for Android and iOS. Just that the free fall of RIM has come to halt at 23% and Windows mobiles are having their share of 10%.

Further to this analysis, it is also mentioned that Android has also beat iOS in terms of data usage from mobiles, on monthly basis. Average data usage from an Android phone user is at 582 MB which is 90 MB more than what user of an iOS uses in a month. An average application download time for an iPhone user is 30 days which is marginally bit less for Android phone user. For Windows phone users, the average data consumption number comes at 317 MB every month and 63% of the users download an application each month.

However, iPhone leads its way in the market when it comes to video streaming and music download as 46 percent iPhone users regularly download music against 43 percent users for Android phone owners. But blackberry is at the opposite side of these results as an average data download ratio stands only at 127 MB in a month.

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