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Google Buys Fridge for Google+

Google+ is proving to be a great alternative to Facebook and many of us have already accepted invites from Google+. Anyone who has used Facebook can easily say that Google+ is totally different from Facebook despite of the fact that they both are social networking platforms. Google+ has already caught the attention of a large crowd in the past weeks since its launch.
Google has been trying to make Google+ better and for that Google has bought Fridge, which is itself a social networking website. It’s a social networking site that actually runs in groups. They had the idea that people may socialize on the web in the same way like they do in real life.

Fridge is like the way Facebook used to be in older days. It is simple still attractive enough to be used by the people. Austin Chang says “Fridge will be shutting down but the core tenets will stay on in Google+.” The ultimate social networking site Fridge will now be taken under the wing of Google+ which means that it will form groups for Google+. 18, 000, 000 users of Google+ may put their attention on what Google has bought for them just now. The Fridge’s section in Google+ will probably be known as “Shared circles”.
As all the websites and social networking platforms advance and try to meet all the needs of people, Google is also working to make Google+ the most attractive and advanced social networking platform in the internet world.

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Google + App Icon
Google Inc. just set up their social networking service and now Google+ is available for android app download. Google+ has worked hard to help people interact with each other, making easier a quicker for everyone. Therefore, all android users can enjoy the new application which is indeed a rival to Facebook but it is very early to state that how successful Google+ app will be. The Google+ app has 5 options on its home screen – stream, huddles, photos, circles, your own profile and a bar at the bottom which displays user’s notifications.
Google+ app has its own new features as well as some features which are similar to Facebook. It allows a user to video chat with other users. The Google+ app has a unique and clean interface making it very easy and user friendly.

Sharing content on your stream is a similar process to that of Facebook’s news feed. With stream you can share the content of your interests and your friends can see them.
Huddle might appear to be the new terminology in a social networking website. Huddle is an area in Google+ where users can have a group conversation. Google aims that huddles will take the place of traditional messenger or chat in Google+ app.
Unlike Facebook, Google+ gives four different sections to upload your photos. “Photos of you” along with “photos from your circle”, “your albums” and “photos from mobile” are the four options.
Google states that “Google+ for mobile makes sharing the right things with the right people a lot simpler.”
The Google+ app for android based phones can run on any Android based operating system from version 2.1 or higher. The app size is 2.7MB and it is available for free in the Android market.

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Google+ is a new Google operated social networking platform launched on June 28, 2011. All the people aged 18 or above can be invited by the existing users of Google+. Google+ will be available shortly as a desktop application and on handsets which are Android operated and systems which are iOS operated. The New York Times has declared it to be Google’s biggest attempt to beat the market of their biggest rival Facebook.
Google+ has come up with new features like Circles, Hangouts, Huddles, Instant Upload, Sparks, Stream and the “+1” button.
“Circles” allow the users to form groupings in their friends list. Other users may view these groups or they may not according to the privacy set by the group authors.
“Hangouts” allow the users to have a video chat with 10 other users around. These users most likely will be from Google+ but in addition Google+ will allow external users to take part in the video chat if they have the related URL of the chat page.

“Huddles” allow communication across iPhone, Android and SMS in circles.
“Instant Upload” allows users to share photos and videos through a phone but this feature is restricted to Android OS phones only.
“Sparks” features the most searched items across Google+ so that the users may share them if they want to.
“Stream” features the news feed, which means it includes all the updates from circles. This is similar to Facebook’s news feed.
Google+ allows the users to recommend the items they like by clicking on +1 button on different sharing.
Google+ is praised by many technicians and developers. They see Google+ as the upcoming social network which will take over the crowd of Internet media in a short while. Celebrities are still not biting the Google+ bug but it is hoped that they will come soon, after all two weeks isn’t much time to predict sites success.


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