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Here it is, part 2 of our list of some of the best or popular Android apps of 2011. If you are wondering why there are 27, this being such an odd number check out part one 27 Of The Best Android Apps For 2011 Part 1 Please click like if you like it and share it on the Facebook, Thanks!

Lightbox Photos Free

Lightbox Photos Android App

Lightbox Photos is a photosharing app for android, but not only that it also allows you to capture and enhance your photos before you share them with you friends. What sets it apart from other photo sharing apps and website is Lightbox will automatically display your photos on a personalized time line on giving you total control with who views them.

ASTRO File Manager Free

Astro File Manager

One of first apps I ever installed on my android G1 and it continues to be one of the first apps I ever install on any of my Android devices. I don’t use it daily for traversing the file system but on several occasions it has got me out of the pickle. It helps to organise all files on your phone, pictures, music, videos, documents etc including built in memory and removable sd cards

Foursquare Free

Foursquare Android App

Foursquare is a social app for people on the move who want to explore the world around them while keeping in touch with friends and family. It easily allows you to share your location, pictures and comments. Check-in to restaurants and shops to avail of discounts they may have on offer through Foursquare. The Android app is superb, the app is what every app should be, easy to use and runs with rarely a glitch in sight. It integrates with Google maps so this sits very well with Android.

Winamp Free

Winamp Android App

Winamp is almost as old as mp3’s themselves, great to see it has moved with the times and the app version has everything that was great with the original plus a whole lot more. I use it as default music player on my phone, it also gives the option for a widget to add to your homescreen. The music player is feature packed but easy to navigate. I found it easier than the system music player, while the widget keep controls simple and music information eg. title and album info to a minimum. Syncing is the huge plus with Winamp, it keeps multiple devices including your desktop and also iTunes up to date with your favorite songs.

Skifta Free

Skifta Android App

DLNA certification is something you will be noticing more and more as time goes by, that is if you haven’t heard of it already. Basically it’s a standard system that devices can use to share digital media, meaning any DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) device can transfer data/media to another DLNA device. The list of compatible devices is continually growing and Skita enables you to add your phone to this list. Share your photos and stream or music or videos between your phone and your xBox, or your TV and vice a versa. Control your phone from the internet to access your PC or stereo. The possibilities are massive!

Stumbleupon Free

Stumbleupon Android App

Simply tap and Stumble to find websites that you may never ever find. Stumbleupon Android App is super fun and great for the procrastinator in any of us! It allows you to discover websites, videos, pictures and more, you never know where you will stumble once you click that button only that it will be based on your interests and recommendations by people who share your interests. The app integrates easy to use sharing so you can pass on your great finds to your friends.

Google+ Free

Google+ Android App

The big question… will Google+ take off? It seems to be gaining ground and taking a foothold in the mountain of users facebook holds. The Google+ Android App will certainly be an added incentive for users to switch, with video chat for up to 9 users, a super fast messaging service and Circles, a Google devised system that lets you share your life with the right people. The app seamlessly integrates into the mobile world.

Mindjet Free

Mindjet Android App

Formally known as Thinking Space, Mindjet Android App enables the user to visually structure and organise ideas. Ideal for brainstorming where ideas are continually flowing and developing, Mindjet allows you to track the idea and easily add to any node or further develop a separate idea that may have developed from the original spark. Add tasks to the ideas to develop a workflow all within the app. The App is also compatible with PC based mind map software.

Cut The Rope €0.68

Cut The Rope Android App

Over 60 Million people cannot be wrong, this is the number of people who have played Cut The Rope on both iPhone and Android, it’s got almost 20,000 reviews on the android market as of time of writing this and a rating of 4.7 out of 5. The object of the game is simple, candy swings from a rope above the hungry Om Nom, swipe your finger to cut the rope and let the candy fell into Om Nom’s mouth… simple… maybe… addictive… definitely! You can return any Android app within 15 minutes of downloading it, all you have to do is uninstall it and you will be refunded your money… I’m guessing you wont be returning this one!

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal Free

MyFitnessPal Android App

Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal is a must have Android app for those who want to lose weight or just keep in fit. The basic’s for keeping in shape is to monitor your calorie intake so you know how much you need to burn. Calorie Counter is fast and easy to use, it stores calorie data on over 1 million types of food all you need to do is scan the product’s barcode. It also allows you to track what you eat and also suggests exercises to burn off the calories. Reports chart progress over time for motivation.

Photaf Panorama Free

Photaf Panorama

Get the full picture with Photaf Panorama! This android app allows you to use your phones camera of tablets camera for that matter to seamlessly capture a panoramic picture of your surrounds. Now you’ll never have excuse of cutting people out of pictures because they wont squeeze in or you cant step back far enough! The app uses the phones orientation senor to know the exact angle each photo was taken and then stitches them back together for your viewing, swiping finger pleasure!.

Drag racing Free

Drag Racing Android App

For a number of weeks I spent most every spare moment behind the wheel of a BMW M6 making minor adjustments to its gear box to shave nano seconds of my half mile time, Drag Racing the Android game will suck you in and you too will speed your way up the ranks of high powered cars continually upgrading your cars to crack your personal best half mile of quarter mile time. Believe me it will.

Reckless Getaway €1.52

Reckless Getaway Android App

Reckless Getaway, what can I say… watch the video… how could you not want to play it!.

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Google Takes Over Motorola

Google is to acquire Motorola Mobile Inc! This is the latest news coming to the fore. Although Google have always had a huge input in the development on the Nexus, this acquisition means Google will soon be fully in charge of the Nexus phone. Through the acquisition, a new partnership will be birthed between Google and the Motorola corporation. This will go a long way in expanding the reach of the android OS while also giving Google the mobile phone patents its been so desperately chasing.
There had been several concerns on whether the acquisition and the take over the Nexus manufacturing will bring about any change in the Nexus program. But Andy Rubin who is android chief has assured the general public that the acquisition will not bring about any kind of changes whatsoever in the system; things will still be as they were in times past.
The only thing that is expected to happen in the form of change is that some of the components of the Nexus may be improved far beyond what they are able to offer now. The change is however not expected to take place immediately. According to Andy Rubin any change that may occur may not come to pass until around Christmas time.

The engineers whose duty it is to make the changes are expected to work together with Google throughout the period of the change in order to ensure strict adherence to quality and proper Google procedures. Before such an upgrade can take place, the engineers may have to work on it for several months. But it is expected that something far more useful will be the outcome.

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Google Buys Fridge for Google+

Google+ is proving to be a great alternative to Facebook and many of us have already accepted invites from Google+. Anyone who has used Facebook can easily say that Google+ is totally different from Facebook despite of the fact that they both are social networking platforms. Google+ has already caught the attention of a large crowd in the past weeks since its launch.
Google has been trying to make Google+ better and for that Google has bought Fridge, which is itself a social networking website. It’s a social networking site that actually runs in groups. They had the idea that people may socialize on the web in the same way like they do in real life.

Fridge is like the way Facebook used to be in older days. It is simple still attractive enough to be used by the people. Austin Chang says “Fridge will be shutting down but the core tenets will stay on in Google+.” The ultimate social networking site Fridge will now be taken under the wing of Google+ which means that it will form groups for Google+. 18, 000, 000 users of Google+ may put their attention on what Google has bought for them just now. The Fridge’s section in Google+ will probably be known as “Shared circles”.
As all the websites and social networking platforms advance and try to meet all the needs of people, Google is also working to make Google+ the most attractive and advanced social networking platform in the internet world.

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Google + App Icon
Google Inc. just set up their social networking service and now Google+ is available for android app download. Google+ has worked hard to help people interact with each other, making easier a quicker for everyone. Therefore, all android users can enjoy the new application which is indeed a rival to Facebook but it is very early to state that how successful Google+ app will be. The Google+ app has 5 options on its home screen – stream, huddles, photos, circles, your own profile and a bar at the bottom which displays user’s notifications.
Google+ app has its own new features as well as some features which are similar to Facebook. It allows a user to video chat with other users. The Google+ app has a unique and clean interface making it very easy and user friendly.

Sharing content on your stream is a similar process to that of Facebook’s news feed. With stream you can share the content of your interests and your friends can see them.
Huddle might appear to be the new terminology in a social networking website. Huddle is an area in Google+ where users can have a group conversation. Google aims that huddles will take the place of traditional messenger or chat in Google+ app.
Unlike Facebook, Google+ gives four different sections to upload your photos. “Photos of you” along with “photos from your circle”, “your albums” and “photos from mobile” are the four options.
Google states that “Google+ for mobile makes sharing the right things with the right people a lot simpler.”
The Google+ app for android based phones can run on any Android based operating system from version 2.1 or higher. The app size is 2.7MB and it is available for free in the Android market.

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Google+ is a new Google operated social networking platform launched on June 28, 2011. All the people aged 18 or above can be invited by the existing users of Google+. Google+ will be available shortly as a desktop application and on handsets which are Android operated and systems which are iOS operated. The New York Times has declared it to be Google’s biggest attempt to beat the market of their biggest rival Facebook.
Google+ has come up with new features like Circles, Hangouts, Huddles, Instant Upload, Sparks, Stream and the “+1” button.
“Circles” allow the users to form groupings in their friends list. Other users may view these groups or they may not according to the privacy set by the group authors.
“Hangouts” allow the users to have a video chat with 10 other users around. These users most likely will be from Google+ but in addition Google+ will allow external users to take part in the video chat if they have the related URL of the chat page.

“Huddles” allow communication across iPhone, Android and SMS in circles.
“Instant Upload” allows users to share photos and videos through a phone but this feature is restricted to Android OS phones only.
“Sparks” features the most searched items across Google+ so that the users may share them if they want to.
“Stream” features the news feed, which means it includes all the updates from circles. This is similar to Facebook’s news feed.
Google+ allows the users to recommend the items they like by clicking on +1 button on different sharing.
Google+ is praised by many technicians and developers. They see Google+ as the upcoming social network which will take over the crowd of Internet media in a short while. Celebrities are still not biting the Google+ bug but it is hoped that they will come soon, after all two weeks isn’t much time to predict sites success.


After amazing the world with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Google Inc. presents the upcoming new Android platform which will have more enhanced graphics and accessories. Certainly the new Android version would be 4.0 but it is possible that it would be given a lower version number.
It is not yet sure when this new version will be released but the new Android 4.0 would be more advanced, more capable and more powerful.
Previously android versions only supported a single type of hardware at a time but the new Android 4.0 will be able to handle both Android phones and Tablets in a single OS which means the applications will only need to be coded once for the unified OS.

Multitasking will be more efficient and reliable in the new Android 4.0 so users will not run out of memory. The new android platform will make it easy to connect to any third party device such as an Xbox.
The face recognition feature on the new 4.0 platform allows you to identify faces when taking a picture, the software then tracks and adjusts the image keeping that person always in focus.
Android 4.0 is said to feature a 720p HD screen with impressive graphics and an amazing ability to capture 1080p HD video.
The recommended requirements for hardware to support the new Android platform, should have 1.5GHz processor and a total of 1GB RAM with an ultra sized high quality display.

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Did you ever think that there can be an application with malware in open Android market? Google just removed some of the malware affected open application from the android market last weekends. The applications were checked and it was found that they had some malicious data which could have compromised significant personal data.
This was not the first incident of Google deleting malware application. In early March this year, Google deleted certain applications which were affected by malware known as Droiddream. In addition, Google also sent a security update to all its clients to remove malware affected programs. It has also been heard that a recent malware was also developed by the users of Droiddream.

Actually, the problem was reported by one of the android applications developer that his modified version of existing applications was distributed on Google even before released. This incidence brought malware to notice of Google and Google took an action after investigating the issue.
Google has also warned Android users to download applications only from the trusted sources and has also asked users to check permission request prompted by such applications. Users have also been asked to check whether the application matches the feature it actually claims. Google has also asked users to check the unusual activities from phone such as sending useless messages and uninitiated network activities. It has also requested its users to download mobile security application from the market to keep phone safe from all such events. So, if you are a regular android market visitor and looking to download application, please take care of such malware applications and also download android security application.

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samsung google nexus s

By now you have all heard of the latest smartphone from the Google and Samsung partnership – The Nexus S. It will be one of the major players with regards smartphones in 2011 and has some high spec advanced features. It’s definitely a phone to put on your wish list if you are looking for a high end Android device or iphone for that matter, it ticks a lot of boxes with the new gingerbread version of Android (2.3) But where to get it, thats the question…?

So far we have heard Vodafone will be selling the Nexus S on their network, the previous Nexus was only available online through a Google phone store but Google this time have decided to go the more traditional route to market.

Carphone Warehouse have announced they will be offering the Nexus S on vodafone contract in the UK and Ireland but did not give an exact date, saying only that it will be soon… how soon that is, time will tell. Vodafone are said to be the exclusive carrier, it will be interesting to see the price point it comes out at compared to the iPhone.

If you cant wait and are willing to fork out the extra for a SIM free version take a look at they are offering the phone sim free and are available now.

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Some days ago Google presented their new mobile phone – Nexus S, and the new version of Android – 2.3 Gingerbread. At the same time, the technological giant presented a new version of Google Maps, but that was somehow neglected by most people as the noise was about Gingerbread and Nexus S. There are many changes and the most important and significant one is the lack of the annoying tiles.

Google Maps 5 offers a completely new approach in the way it represents the data to the end user. Instead of using the tile images, which caused sometimes a frustrating delay in loading and displaying them, Google has decided to use vectors. Everything is represented by vectors, thus the load time is almost equal to 0 and the user can browse around the maps quickly and easily. With the use of the vectors, some pretty good features have been added. Multitouch control is now present – rotate or tilt the map, sliding 2 fingers up and down the screen and the well-known 3D buildings will emerge from the flat image, giving you more clear image of the region.

Google Maps 5 was presented by Andy Rubin some days ago on a prototype tablet from Motorola and he said that we can expect Google Maps 5 in the market in a couple of days. So far so good, but here comes the bad news – the new version of Google Maps will be supported only by several mobile phones so far:

  • Galaxy S
  • Droid
  • Droid X
  • Droid 2
  • Droid Incredible
  • Evo
  • Nexus S
  • G2

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During the last several months there were numerous rumors, leaked pictures, speculations about the manufacturer and the specifications of the new Google phone – Nexus S. Yesterday during the presentation of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Google showed and made official their new handset as well – Nexus S, manufactured by Samsung. The choice of the manufacturer is not a surprise taking into account the big success of Samsung Galaxy handset family and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Working together, Google and Samsung has managed to create the best Android smartphone on the market so far, being the only one running the latest version of Android – 2.3 a.k.a. Gingerbread. The shape of the device is nice and sleek with curved edges and unique slightly curved display for best user experience. At the bottom part of Nexus S one could find the common Android key, this time in the form of touch-sensitive buttons – Home, Menu, Back and Search. Behind the cover you could find a 1GHz processor, 4-inch WVGA Super AMOLED display, connectivity for GSM/EDGE networks, gyroscope sensor for gaming, a 5MP back camera and a VGA front-facing one both with autofocus, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, 16GB internal memory and a 1500mAh battery. The device also is the first one to feature a NFC (Near Field Communications) chip that will enable you to pay bills and other upcoming features via your mobile phone.

The device comes preloaded with all the Google services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Search, Voice Actions, Google Voice and the YouTube application. Google Nexus S will be available for purchase in online stores and on the shelves starting from December 16, but the price is yet unknown.

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