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Flow Free

For this week’s Appy Monday we have another puzzle game, Flow should leave you happier than last weeks installment! There were reports of shear frustration with some levels of 100 Doors!

So to get your Monday off to an ‘appyier’ start, Flow is alot less taxing on the brain cells.
In a nutshell, Flow is a connect the dots game. There is a grid with pairs of coloured dots, you have to draw a line connecting each coloured pair, but you can’t cross lines or the flow will break.

As you start moving up the levels the grids get bigger, making working out how to join the dots that bit more complex. There are 300 levels, it’ll be level 80 or 90 before things get hairy with grids reaching 8×8 and 9×9 in size.

Flow Free

You can also play the game in time trial mode where you race against the clock to finish each level, this gives a faster paced dimension to a game where in the regular mode you can take the to contemplate your next move.

Download Flow Free on google play, it’s a great game just to pick up if you have a minute or two to play a level. That said it can be addictive! And remember… have yourself an Appy Monday

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