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Nexus S, everyone’s favorite NFC device is at last coming to the AT&T network. The device will be available on July 24th 2011 and you can pre order one for yourself through the web. The beautiful Nexus S is available at an amazing price of $99 with 2 years contract and it’s also available at $529 without contract. It is available through Best Buy.

The Nexus S is optimized for AT&T’s network and it runs on Android platform version 2.3. It is designed with Samsung’s special Super Amoled touch screen technology which provides a unique viewing experience in addition to an amazing touch experience. It is supported with 1 GHz processor which is included with rich 3d graphics and good upload or download speed. As the Nexus S was designed with alot of input from Google users will be able to get latest android updates first. The device is designed with a powerful 5 Megapixel camera at the back and a VGA front facing camera for video chats.
Nexus S is powerful 3G phone and it has a good standby time and talk time. You can view full specs of the Nexus S


It seems like every other day, the smart phone market comes up with yet another Android phone or a tablet from the houses of the giant phone or tablet makers like Samsung, HTC or Toshiba. If you look at four major mobile careers in the US and you will come to know that either they have come up with more than eight new android smart phones and there are at least twelve more phones in queue either to be announced or to be launched in coming summer.

It’s definitely good news but with so many announcements, one can really get confused about which one is right for him/her. So, I thought to take a look at what’s coming in the market this astonishing android summer.

Lately, the most active mobile carrier is T-Mobile, announcing three android phones with their launch in second half of June. The first one is HTC Sensation 4G coming to market on 15th June which is quickly followed by two more phones from Samsung, Samsung Gravity Smart and Samsung Exhibit 4G.

If we talk about AT&T, they are launching their next android phone – The Crossover within the next couple of days on 5th of June. This phone is expected to fly off the shelves with its lower cost of $69.99 on a two years’ contract.

Let us come to Sprint which have announced the launch of three phones in the near future. The models of this line up are HTC Evo 3D, Motorola Titanium and Motorola XPRT. A Motorola XPRT is expected in a couple of days on 5th June just when AT&T is launching their Crossover.

However, at the same time, Verizon is concentrating more on a tablet Galaxy tab 10.1 which is on horizon. Its launch is on horizon and its preorders are starting from 8th June.

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