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Why I Will Never Buy An iPhone

Apple iPhone 5 2012

With the launch of the new iPhone 5 (or is that 4.2) the other day the world is swept up into iPhone fever. Folks are rushing out to get their hands on their shiny new best friend. All this hoopla (or what Psychologist Robert Cialdini may refer to as Social Proof) over a phone, an Apple product, regurgitates in my head the core reason (get it, apple – core!) I will never buy an iPhone and it’s this same core functionality that Steve Jobs insisted on in the development of the iPhone and indeed iPad…. locking the them down, tying them to iTunes.

Jobs had a vision and he followed it, steadfastly and I respect him for that, it doesn’t mean I can’t disagree with him. I hate the idea of having to load a certain piece of software just to view, add or remove  files, pictures, videos, whatever from my phone or any device for that matter (some digital cameras come to mind). I often wonder do iPhone users know this…. an Android phone you can just plug into any pc and add or remove files just as you would with a usb memory stick, no other software is required. Apple you have to use their software.

A cable of course is required, but not a special cable, most android phones now have micro or mini USB, yes that’s the same as you use for your camera or your GPS or non Apple mp3 digital music player, I even have a torch that uses a Micro usb port! Point is, they are everywhere, they are a standard. If you buy an Android phone I’d be pretty confident you already own a cable that connects to it and if you buy an Android next year or three years time chances are, that cable will fit it, unlike the new iPhone 5 cable where that cable fits an iPhone 5 and an iPhone….. or maybe an Apple…. no just an iPhone 5. Apple you have to use their cable.

Ok, lets just say you are happy with the ties iTunes cast’s upon you. Are you happy with how the iPhone looks? No… sure just change to another iPhone design…. oh no hold it, you cant, no you can, just go back a model or two. I don’t want this post to be an Apple bashing and a hail to Android post as I do think Apple make a great phone but there is no way that one phone can be perfect for everybody and this is what Apple are telling people and they buying into it, upgrading into it! Robbing people’s individuality. Apple you have to use their style.

Dear iPhone user, when was the last time you turned to a fellow iPhone user and said “hey look did you see what I can do with my phone?” Bar showing them an app (which they can just go and download and do the same as you) I’m guessing it was years.

Joel Runyon worte a blog post about meeting the inventor of the first PC, Russell Kirsch, in a cafe in Portland. Kirsch made a great point about tablets on how they are used to consume information, how they lacked the ability to empower the user to be creative, unlike a PC where you can learn multiple languages to create code and develop software, tablets he felt stifled creativity. I feel its the same with an iPhone… You have to use Apple’s software, Apples’ cables and Apple’s style. Blinkered to use Apple and that’s why I will never buy an iPhone.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab

Patent battles and whats at stake…. well here’s a good example!

In a ruling by the British Judge Colin Birss, Apple now have to run ads both on their website and in print media stating that Samsung did not copy Apple’s iPad design.

Judge Briss ruled in favour of the technology giant Samsung last week by stating that the Galaxy Tab was not “as cool” as the Apple iPad and therefore did not infringe on Apple’s design of the iPad. Apple must publish a notice stating the fact on, not only their website for a minimum of six months but also in British newspapers.

This has got to be a pretty big blow to Apple’s future legal cases, you would wonder… if Steve was still around would you see this ad for Samsung up on the Apple website or better yet what way would twist it!

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There are rumors floating round that Google will launch its own version of Apple’s voice assistant Siri before the end of the year.

Android and Me report the codename for the new application wil be Majel. Trekkies will be familiar with the voice of the Federation Computer for who Majel Barrett-Roddenberry provides the voice.

As you may know Google already has Voice Action functionality on its current versions of Android but  Majel hopes to make the processing of the commands more natural, currently you have to stick to a structured format if you want to,  for example send a text to someone. Majel will free you from the structured format. ie “send text to John” with Majel could be said like the following “I want to write a text to John”.

Google hopes to have a version released before the end of the year but this will have limited functionality, a fully featured deployment will be released  early in the new year.

I personally I am not an avid user of voice actions on my phone, I rarely use them if ever. I never saw them being part of the main stream when using a phone. Of course there are situations when voice could come into its own, such as when you are driving but most times when  I’m using my phone I’m not in  a place where I feel speaking commands into it is exactly the actions of a sane man! Siri users have said they loose interest in the functionality after a week.

I’ve seen a few hacks of Siri which are very interesting and with some more can be use to control various aspects of your home, lights, blinds etc… Majel could excel in this ares it being an open source platform. I’m looking forward to future developments of Majel outside of the phone rather than on the phone itself!


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Apple iCloud
During the presentation from Steve Jobs a few days ago, many eyes caught the attention of Apple’s upcoming iCloud service. However, there were more eyebrows up when Apple unveiled new features of iOS5 which will be released to customers later this year with Apple iPads and new versions of iPhone. It seemed that many of these features were the adaption of few extravagant features from other OS’s that distinguished those OS’s from other ones. Let us look at some these features and you might be convinced of what we are talking about here:

Notifications: A new notification feature allows users to get the notification about mails, calendar events or new text messages even at the time when phone is locked. This is purely borrowed from Android. Another borrowed feature is that unobtrusively, an alert comes up at the top of your phones screen as a bar when you’re working with some other application. Just like window-shade, you can pull down that bar just like you would do so with an android phone.

Reminders: It’s not just a simple reminder feature. It’s about assigning the list of things as a reminder to GPS location in your phone. This means, phone will give you a reminder to buy cosmetics when you are passing from particular location.
Messaging: It is about extending the iPhone messaging to other iOS devices with some enhancements like adding a picture or a video by tapping the camera icon and selecting content to attach to message.
Contacts: Now, contacts can integrate with data from many different sources just as it’s possible in Android phones.

The list of the features given above is just a preview. There are many other features borrowed by iOS from many other OS as well.

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We are used to see or hear that Android has been integrated in various kinds of devices. Today, there is news that Android has been integrated in … a landline phone – iDECT iHomePhone 2000. But don’t get annoyed or confused by the “i” in at the beginning of the name, this is not an Apple product and I’m sure no one could even think of an Apple product running on Android. The “i” is just part of the name of the product.

iDECT iHomePhone is an ordinary cordless landline phone, running on Android, featuring a 2.8-inch resistive touchscreen display running at resolution of 320×240 pixels. It will also have 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi support and microSD card slot. All the standard Android functions are present, too – Internet Browser, mp3 player, picture gallery, video/YouTube player, alarm clock, radio, e-mail and so on. The only think that iDECK iHomePhone will not support is Android Market, but after all, this is an ordinary landline phone.

Using the DECT technology, the phone guarantees that wherever in the house you are, you will be able to make and receive phone calls. Moreover, iDECT has a 14-minute digital answering machine, hands-free speakerphone and is capable to store up to 300 contacts in its memory.  iDECT iHomePhone will be sold in Europe for 99 Euroes.

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