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aa - Android Game

So its Monday again and here is one odd ball game for Android that you just have to check out. aa (yes is lower case) is a simple yet very addictive game, something along the lines of Flappy Bird with regards the frustration levels that can be reached when playing it! The big difference between aa and Flappy Bird is that you can actually make progress and you have more control over the gameplay.

aa android game

Like most great games the idea is simple… start the game and you are faced with a large black dot with a couple of smaller dots attached to it, these dots rotate or spin. Tap the screen again and the loose dots at the bottom of the screen shoot up to attach to the larger dot, one at a time. There is one rule, you cant hit the smaller original dots or the game ends. To clear the level, attach all the dots to the larger dot.

As the levels move up, not only does the larger dot rotate quicker, you have to try and fit more dots, space gets tight quick, requiring a sharper eye, coordination and timing! Still its not that straight forward and thats what I love about this game, it gets harder as you go but its not linear, the dot doesn’t simply rotate faster and faster each level and more and more dots, the rotation can slow down and increase every couple of seconds, the spines get longer and shorter introducing a new angle, you can zip though 4 levels then get bogged down on one for 30 retries, 50 retries! the key so far for me is learning the patterns of rotation… thats all I’ll say!

That said I’m on level 31… anyone any further, let me know. Download the game aa you wont regret it!

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Howdy, this week’s installment of Appy Monday is Jetpack Joyride, a super addictive game from Halfbrick Studios the makers of Fruit Ninja.

You take control of Barry Steakfries as he throws a jetpack on his back and bursts his way into a secret laboratory. Barry is continually moving forward so all you have to do is control how high or how low he flies by touching anywhere on the screen. As you get further into the levels he starts moving faster making the game that bit more challenging! When you die you restart from the beginning. This may sound annoying to restart from the beginning but as you progress you get different missions which make the game more addictive. More on missions later.

jetpack joyride

As you fly through the lab you can collect coins, these in game coins are added to your stash and can be used to buy clothes, upgraded jetpacks, vehicles and a host more goodies. You can also spend real world money to buy extra in game coins so you can get the jetpack you always wanted without spending the time playing the game!

At different stages throughout the game you come across a mulitcoloured box, these boxes contain a vehicle. Barry can collect a vehicle and take control of it using it to fly through the lab. There are a huge range of vehicles each having their own way of being controlled. For some you touch the screen and the vehicle will go up, others it will go down and as with the Crazy Freaking Teleporter it will teleport you to a different area! Barry will die when he hits lasers or bombs that can come whizzing by, but if in a vehicle you only lose the vehicle and Barry can continue with the jetpack, so the vehicle also acts as a second life.

Spin coins will come floating by as you zip through the lab, collect these and at the end of the level (when you die) you will be given the option to use the coins in a slot machine. Match 3 items on the machine and you will win a prize. Prizes include extra coins, head starts, exploding finishes and numerous other items.

jetpack joyride screen

By completing the missions you get to collect more and more coins, plus the missions are good fun. Some are very simple such as collect 2 spin coins in one game others are a bit more tricky such as finish a game between 350 and 400 meters, it may sound easy but play it and find out!

Jetpack Joyride is a great game just if you have 4 or 5 minutes to spare while waiting for the bus, games are generally only less than a minute long but and action packed minute. the missions and different achievements help to keep you coming back for more.

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red green blue amp

Hello and welcome to another installment of Appy Mondays! This week we bring you an app fresh off the production line.

Red Green Blue AMP will bring you back to the glory days of 8-bit computer graphics, space shooter style. You take charge of a space ship that fires coloured fireballs of fire. The object of the game is to either build or destroy blocks with these fireballs of fire. WhenI say build or destroy, Red Green Blue AMP is a tactical game where combos bring the big points, so you can fire the fireballs to create a coloured block to keep you combo alive. Keep in mind the blocks are continually moving towards you, making the game very fast paced and keeping you on your toes.

There are 4 modes to the game, depending on how much time you have to kill or just what kind of mood you are in, there are also different difficulty settings, beginner reduces the number o f colours available, a great option when starting off. The get a taste of the this space shooting app there is a free Demo of Red Green Blue AMP on Google Play, the full version is on €0.99 and well worth it!

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Fifteen Puzzle X

Fifteen Puzzle X is a modern take or some might say a software take on an old hardware version of the Fifteen Puzzle.
The basic game is made up of 15 tiles placed in a grid and jumbled up, your job is to solve the puzzle by sliding the tiles and arrange them in order…. It’s all coming back now isn’t it!
Fifteen Puzzle X does an excellent job at recreating the game, sliding the tiles is fluid and responsive, a key factor in such a game. There a good few options aswell such as different styles or skins for the boards. You can play with numbers, Roman numerals or letters. To test your skill further there are 2 bigger boards a 5 by 5 board and a 6 by 6 board. (Beginners board is 4 by 4)

One gripe I do have and a user mentioned it in google play comments is, when you finish a game the screen flicks back to the menu screen and you don’t get a chance to marvel over your completed puzzle.
An added feature I would like to see is the option to add an image or photo to the grid, so you can literally rearrange your face!! All in all a great app, well worth the download. – Oh Yeah… Have yourselves an Appy Monday!

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100 Doors is basically a puzzle app. It is based on a number of other similar games on the android platform namely 100 Floors in that 100 Doors uses doors and 100 Floors uses floors…. do you follow??

100 Doors

Escape the room is the idea…. you start each level confronted by a closed door, you must use the objects, images or hints around the room to unlock the door and escape to the next level. You might say the next level is more difficult but that depends on how your brain works! For example, some levels took me an ice age to solve, whereas the very next level the solution jumped out at me straight away… there is also the chance you might solve the level by accident. (you’ll have to play it to realise what I mean)

Play ability is great, pretty addictive, once you solve a level you could possibly use that solution or that idea on another level. So the learning aspect drives you on when you get stuck on a particular level. That said 100 Doors is known for being quite tough, a good bit tougher than 100 Floors, (by the way, as of writing 100 Floors had over 5 million downloads and 100 Doors half a million on Google Play) It’s like the hardcore version of 100 Floors, so you have been warned…!

Build and graphic quality are well, lets just say Pixar didn’t design it…. but then again you don’t need super 3 dimensional images and animations that make your eyeballs tumble in their sockets! There are  few minor glitches when refreshing or transitioning to another level but the game works and that’s the main thing.

Overall a good puzzle game, well worth downloading if you few a minutes to spare in the day, those minutes could easily turn to hours of frustration trying to solve some levels!!




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News360 Android App
News360 is becoming the most trusted in the latest generation of news alert programs. It is enhancing the minds and ideas of people by updating them minute by minute with the happenings of the world. It has now launched a News360 application for android phones running versions 2.2 and upwards of the android os. News360 can be downloaded free from the Android market.
News360 compiles news and information in a unique and intelligent way from different reliable sources and gathers it all in an innovative interface. The application runs on enhanced semantic analysis technology which has been developed over the last ten years.

Android smart phones are the latest phones to experience the new version of News360. With the release of News360 application for Android supported smart phones, News360 is now available for all the specific platforms in the US.
The application reviews news content from more than 4000 media portals globally and it utilizes the best information with qualitative analysis for incredible results. It presents news from different sources in cluster so that the user may get viewpoints from the showcase. It provides very rich background information by linking more than 700000 companies, people and brands in content.
The user can listen to the live streaming of videos around the globe in English. The user can save stories for offline review also. The application grabs the attention of the user with its interactive and highly innovative graphical presentation and optimization.
News360 has become one of the most downloaded applications on the android market and it has been also highlighted as a featured app. It has been downloaded more than 40,000 times since the time it was released. News360 has held 5 star rating average among the 2400 reviews on iTunes.

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