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Today at the Florida Educational Technology Conference Brainchild, a maker of hand-held learning devices, introduced their Android tablet Kineo – the first educational Android tablet in the world. Brainchild say that the tablet is specifically created for use of teachers and their students for use in the teaching process, without having the teachers to check constantly whether the students are doing the tasks or texting. The modified Android OS lets you open only websites, pre-programmed by the administrator or the teacher. The messaging capabilities have also been disabled.

Kineo features a 7-inch super heavy-duty touch screen rated to handle 500,000 impressions, running at resolution of 800×480 pixels display, 800MHz processor, 2GB internal memory (no word if SD card slot will be available or not), Wi-Fi, HDMI out (a good idea so the teacher could show the content of their device to everyone via a projector) and last but not least – 4500mAh battery, that promises  to keep Kineo running for up to 10-12 hours. Unfortunally, there is no word on OS version and the third party software, preinstalled on the tablet.

“Learning devices need to enhance instruction, not be a distraction. With over 15 years of experience in developing handhelds and software for schools, we know how to make a tablet device suited to a teacher’s needs for individualized instruction.” says Jeff Cameron, president of Brainchild.

The orders will be taken from starting today for the first shipment in March. The price of Kineo is 299.99$

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Since the rumors for the upcoming Android tablet of Samsung showed up around the web, Galaxy Tab is constantly in the daily news of almost every mobile-oriented media. Starting with the specs, going through the official announcement, ending with release dates and prices in various countries and carriers.

The first thing that we are going to inform you today is regarding the price of Galaxy Tab. Today is the launch day of the Tab in Sprint’s network. It will cost 399$ on a 2-year contract. The possible data plans are 29.99$ per month for 2GB of data or 59.99$ per month for 5GB of data and unlimited messaging. So to sum up, if you go on a 2GB plan, you’ll have to pay about 720$ for the contract and additional 399$ for the Galaxy Tab itself. Choosing the 5GB plan will cost you about 1440$ for the contract. And all these numbers does not included taxes and surcharges.

The second this that is interesting around Galaxy Tab is that Samsung has released the open source parts of the source code of the tablet. To most of you this wouldn’t mean anything, but for the developers these are very good news (actually soon the users will benefit from this, too). Of course, many of Samsung’s applications are not open source, but developers could use this source to build various ROMs, kernels and so on. So stay tuned and wait for the first custom ROMs for your Tab.

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