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Granny Smith Android Logo

First off, this is not free! But that in itself is a statement as to how good this game is, it’s the first app I’ve included in the Appy Mondays series that you have to pay for, One Euro and five cent will get you Granny Smith one of the most enjoyable games on the Android market today

There are 36 levels tot his superb game, where you, as Granny Smith don a pair of roller skates to chase after a young thief who tries to steal you apples. The object of the game is to collect all three apples on each level before the thief does. For the most part Granny Smith will self propel herself, you can use the jump button to make her not only jump but somersault into the air, being careful to land her on her feet!. You also have the option of using her cane not only as a speed boost but also the hook the thief and slow him down. As levels progress you use the cane to hang form ropes going between buildings and tress etc.

Granny Smith screen shot android app

Gameplay is exceptional and I got the old school free of Sonic The Hedgehog, so if you are a fan of Sonic, this game is well worth checking out. There are powerups such as helmets and baseballs for throwing in the tool shed that can be swapped for points collected, character changes also int eh shape of a dog and an old man, each with canes!

Gameplay is second only to graphics, the whole game is given a vintage twist to keep up with the aging Granny, menu’s are within old TV surrounds and sepia coloring’s.  The graphically details on every level and how beautifully drawn the buildings and landscapes make the game a joy to play.

Download it, you’ll love it, You’ll have a very Appy Monday!



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Android Jelly Bean

The folks over at Android Authority have a neat little guide for anybody who wants to update their Samsung Galaxy S3 the the latest version of Android. The update to version 4.1.1 or Jelly Bean as its known, is done via a ROM called TaStEoFbEaNs (tasteofbeans). A clever name I’m sure you’ll all agree!

There are a whole host of different ROM’s for the different versions of the Galaxy S3, depending on what carrier you are on or what country you are in, this ROM is for Verizon and the SCH-I535 model. It’s like a dolly mixture of different features including the gallery from the Note 2. Although there are still a few bugs in the ROM and Warning!! you flash it at you own risk but it might just be worth it to experience, as Android Authority put it “jelly Bean’s undisputed smooth-as-butter interface”!

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Foodspotting Android App Logo

You’ve all heard of trainspotting?… not the film but the epic activity. Well Foodspotting is just like that except you can eat the train! It’s a visual guide to food and where to find it! What more does a body want!

Open up the app and you will be presented with pictures of delicious dishes all sorted by location. You can view the ‘Best’ meals ie. highest rated by other users, view dishes by how ‘Nearby’ they are to your current location or view by the ‘Latest’ dishes added by other users.

I have to say researching  this app did have its benefits!

Foodspotting Android App Screenshot

So next time you are wondering what to eat or where you would like to go to, just pop open the app, click Nearby and the app will not only suggest where to go but show you pictures of the best meals in your area. Sign up with your Facebook account and you can add your own favorite feeds and also rate meals currently added to the app that you may have devoured.

Sorry for the lateness of this Appy Monday installment, hopefully this app will help you have a tastier Tuesday!

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Why I Will Never Buy An iPhone

Apple iPhone 5 2012

With the launch of the new iPhone 5 (or is that 4.2) the other day the world is swept up into iPhone fever. Folks are rushing out to get their hands on their shiny new best friend. All this hoopla (or what Psychologist Robert Cialdini may refer to as Social Proof) over a phone, an Apple product, regurgitates in my head the core reason (get it, apple – core!) I will never buy an iPhone and it’s this same core functionality that Steve Jobs insisted on in the development of the iPhone and indeed iPad…. locking the them down, tying them to iTunes.

Jobs had a vision and he followed it, steadfastly and I respect him for that, it doesn’t mean I can’t disagree with him. I hate the idea of having to load a certain piece of software just to view, add or remove  files, pictures, videos, whatever from my phone or any device for that matter (some digital cameras come to mind). I often wonder do iPhone users know this…. an Android phone you can just plug into any pc and add or remove files just as you would with a usb memory stick, no other software is required. Apple you have to use their software.

A cable of course is required, but not a special cable, most android phones now have micro or mini USB, yes that’s the same as you use for your camera or your GPS or non Apple mp3 digital music player, I even have a torch that uses a Micro usb port! Point is, they are everywhere, they are a standard. If you buy an Android phone I’d be pretty confident you already own a cable that connects to it and if you buy an Android next year or three years time chances are, that cable will fit it, unlike the new iPhone 5 cable where that cable fits an iPhone 5 and an iPhone….. or maybe an Apple…. no just an iPhone 5. Apple you have to use their cable.

Ok, lets just say you are happy with the ties iTunes cast’s upon you. Are you happy with how the iPhone looks? No… sure just change to another iPhone design…. oh no hold it, you cant, no you can, just go back a model or two. I don’t want this post to be an Apple bashing and a hail to Android post as I do think Apple make a great phone but there is no way that one phone can be perfect for everybody and this is what Apple are telling people and they buying into it, upgrading into it! Robbing people’s individuality. Apple you have to use their style.

Dear iPhone user, when was the last time you turned to a fellow iPhone user and said “hey look did you see what I can do with my phone?” Bar showing them an app (which they can just go and download and do the same as you) I’m guessing it was years.

Joel Runyon worte a blog post about meeting the inventor of the first PC, Russell Kirsch, in a cafe in Portland. Kirsch made a great point about tablets on how they are used to consume information, how they lacked the ability to empower the user to be creative, unlike a PC where you can learn multiple languages to create code and develop software, tablets he felt stifled creativity. I feel its the same with an iPhone… You have to use Apple’s software, Apples’ cables and Apple’s style. Blinkered to use Apple and that’s why I will never buy an iPhone.


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Ice Screen 26 inch Android screen

 Ok I have to admit I’m in a bit of a muddle over the latest offering from the combined efforts of Tencent and TCL Multimedia…. A 26 Inch portable TV running Android. Yes I did type  and you did read “portable”. Who would have ever thought a 26 inch device would be categorized as portable! Either way I think I want one….?

It has a 1366 x 768 display with a dual core Cortex 1 GHz processor. Bung in a Mali 400 GPU, 4GB of RAM and Version 2.2 of Android and you have a TV (not a tablet, as the screen is not touch sensitive) capable of surfing the web, listening to music, watching videos and playing games. You control the 26 inch beast with a infrared remote control and keyboard. For connectivity you have the standard options including Wi-Fi, USB ports HDMI port and 3.5mm headphone jack.

The iCE SCREEN looks like a cool piece of kit, as for it being portable, I’m not too sure (and I do like my big phones!) Maybe if it was actually touchscreen it may have a chance! Also from reports I read it looks like it has an external battery…? plus it doesn’t have a tv tuner so is it actually a TV? This post is asking more questions than it answering!



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Unbock Car

Welcome to another installment of Appy Monday, this week we are bringing to you a clinker of a puzzle game. Like all good puzzle games the concept is very straight forward but actually completing the puzzles can be tricky. Bring on Unblock Car the goal of Unblock Car is to get the red car out of the car park by rearranging the other coloured  cars.

There are dozens of other sliding puzzle games on the Android platform but what I like about Unblock Car are its graphics and how smooth the game runs. The game is well built and it shows. The cars are well drawn as are the icons and displays of the interface.  The sliding puzzle peices can really be anything but making them cars stuck in a car park was quite clever. Incidentally there are a number of different them if you don’t like the cars just swap them!

Unblock Car

Gameplay as I said earlier about any good puzzle game is straight forward, but Unblock Car does get tricky from the outset. Each level is timed and number of moves are recorded so you can go back and try to improve your performance. There are 2000 levels on the game so you’ll be busy for sometime if you take the challenge of beating them all, you also have the option of easy, normal and hard…. I recommend easy just to start!

Boom!! Have an Appy Monday!




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Klip Logo

This weeks Appy Monday App is HOT and I mean HOT. Klip Video Sharing as the name suggests is a video sharing app for your android mobile.

Think of Klip, kind of like the Twitter of the video world, Klips are short video’s that are easy, quick and fun to watch but also to share.

The sharing is where klip really shines,  the app allows you to share your Klip on not only on your favorite social network but also on the Kilp network.

Klip Video Sharing

The Kilp interface is impressive, once launched the home screen displays the most popular videos currently being shared, with options to also display Latest, Weekly and an All Time (Will we see a Charlies finger here in the future?!) The capture button is cleverly integrated into and once you tap the button to set recording the homescreen with the list of videos swaps to display the view from your camera.

Give Klip a go, Download it from I wouldnt be surprised if this app is snapped up by a major player, oh and have an Appy Monday!





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Traktor Digger Android App

This week we have a bit of curve ball, I cant imagine it will be to everybodies tastes but give it a go, you might just enjoy it!

Traktor Digger puts you in charge of a whole host of different types of tractors, diggers and even a crane! The object of the game is to dig for Gold!! You know you’ve always wanted to do this!

Using the on screen left and right controllers you have to maneuver your vehicle into the correct position, carefully dig through rubble, again using the onscreen joypads (this can be tricky and takes a bit of time to master) move the rubble out of the way to find the gold. Once you can get to the gold you put that in your loading bucket and drop it in the waiting truck.

All sounds very easy doesn’t it! There is an element of a puzzle tot his game, in that you must work of the what to use where and dumping unwanted rubble in some areas can hamper you when you make your move for the gold. Also each levels are timed, which adds a competitive edge to the game.

There are a few cons to this game, mainly the controls which kind put you off the game at first, but because of its uniqueness I think its worth the free download at least. Oh and have an Appy Monday!

Not the best video I’ve ever seen demonstrating a game…

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Hi there, I have just a quick update for the site that I thought I’d let you all know about.

Through the wonders of the Facebook Developers software and a plugin called Seo Facebook Comment you are now able to leave a comment on our website using your Facebook login details.

Once you are logged into Facebook and you visit our site, without any further login details, email addresses or passwords you can share your own comment on any of our articles or posts. Exceptionally handy I think you’ll agree! There is also and option to post your comment not only on our website but onto your Facebook wall or timeline.

Check it out on any of our posts and tell us what you think!!

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red green blue amp

Hello and welcome to another installment of Appy Mondays! This week we bring you an app fresh off the production line.

Red Green Blue AMP will bring you back to the glory days of 8-bit computer graphics, space shooter style. You take charge of a space ship that fires coloured fireballs of fire. The object of the game is to either build or destroy blocks with these fireballs of fire. WhenI say build or destroy, Red Green Blue AMP is a tactical game where combos bring the big points, so you can fire the fireballs to create a coloured block to keep you combo alive. Keep in mind the blocks are continually moving towards you, making the game very fast paced and keeping you on your toes.

There are 4 modes to the game, depending on how much time you have to kill or just what kind of mood you are in, there are also different difficulty settings, beginner reduces the number o f colours available, a great option when starting off. The get a taste of the this space shooting app there is a free Demo of Red Green Blue AMP on Google Play, the full version is on €0.99 and well worth it!

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