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Crossy Roads – Appy Mondays


Why did the chicken cross the road?…. how many reviews of this game have started with these exact words… that’s because Crossy Road is all about getting a chicken safely across a road! And the answer is that the chicken needs to collect coins!

A dull as this game might sound, I found Crossy Road to be a delight to play. You launch the game to blocky old school, Mindcraft inspired graphics that are really well put together. The gentle sounds of the passing traffic are next to grab your attention, yes gentle sounds, the sounds and effects are a stand out element of the game, download it just to experience them. (Is it because we are so familiar with traffic that the effects sound so normal!?)

The aim of the game is to direct the chicken across busy roads with bustling traffic, timing is everything, falter and you are splat on the road or the front of an on-coming car, truck or bus. Other obstacles to beat or avoid are juggernaut trains, speeding police and water rapids. There is also a cat that can jump from a tree!


The further you go and time spent playing the more coins you collect, you can also pick up coins along the way. You can then cash in you coins to get different animals to cross the road, including cats, dogs, frogs, bunnys, fish etc. I’m not sure do these have better skills over other animals but they do have great sound effects!

As with alot of popular games these days Crossy Road is addictive, the roads change every time so its not a case of trying to get further that keeps you addicted, maybe its discovering more that keeps you hooked on the game (taht or the fun sound effects!)

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aa - Android Game

So its Monday again and here is one odd ball game for Android that you just have to check out. aa (yes is lower case) is a simple yet very addictive game, something along the lines of Flappy Bird with regards the frustration levels that can be reached when playing it! The big difference between aa and Flappy Bird is that you can actually make progress and you have more control over the gameplay.

aa android game

Like most great games the idea is simple… start the game and you are faced with a large black dot with a couple of smaller dots attached to it, these dots rotate or spin. Tap the screen again and the loose dots at the bottom of the screen shoot up to attach to the larger dot, one at a time. There is one rule, you cant hit the smaller original dots or the game ends. To clear the level, attach all the dots to the larger dot.

As the levels move up, not only does the larger dot rotate quicker, you have to try and fit more dots, space gets tight quick, requiring a sharper eye, coordination and timing! Still its not that straight forward and thats what I love about this game, it gets harder as you go but its not linear, the dot doesn’t simply rotate faster and faster each level and more and more dots, the rotation can slow down and increase every couple of seconds, the spines get longer and shorter introducing a new angle, you can zip though 4 levels then get bogged down on one for 30 retries, 50 retries! the key so far for me is learning the patterns of rotation… thats all I’ll say!

That said I’m on level 31… anyone any further, let me know. Download the game aa you wont regret it!

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Howdy, this week’s installment of Appy Monday is Jetpack Joyride, a super addictive game from Halfbrick Studios the makers of Fruit Ninja.

You take control of Barry Steakfries as he throws a jetpack on his back and bursts his way into a secret laboratory. Barry is continually moving forward so all you have to do is control how high or how low he flies by touching anywhere on the screen. As you get further into the levels he starts moving faster making the game that bit more challenging! When you die you restart from the beginning. This may sound annoying to restart from the beginning but as you progress you get different missions which make the game more addictive. More on missions later.

jetpack joyride

As you fly through the lab you can collect coins, these in game coins are added to your stash and can be used to buy clothes, upgraded jetpacks, vehicles and a host more goodies. You can also spend real world money to buy extra in game coins so you can get the jetpack you always wanted without spending the time playing the game!

At different stages throughout the game you come across a mulitcoloured box, these boxes contain a vehicle. Barry can collect a vehicle and take control of it using it to fly through the lab. There are a huge range of vehicles each having their own way of being controlled. For some you touch the screen and the vehicle will go up, others it will go down and as with the Crazy Freaking Teleporter it will teleport you to a different area! Barry will die when he hits lasers or bombs that can come whizzing by, but if in a vehicle you only lose the vehicle and Barry can continue with the jetpack, so the vehicle also acts as a second life.

Spin coins will come floating by as you zip through the lab, collect these and at the end of the level (when you die) you will be given the option to use the coins in a slot machine. Match 3 items on the machine and you will win a prize. Prizes include extra coins, head starts, exploding finishes and numerous other items.

jetpack joyride screen

By completing the missions you get to collect more and more coins, plus the missions are good fun. Some are very simple such as collect 2 spin coins in one game others are a bit more tricky such as finish a game between 350 and 400 meters, it may sound easy but play it and find out!

Jetpack Joyride is a great game just if you have 4 or 5 minutes to spare while waiting for the bus, games are generally only less than a minute long but and action packed minute. the missions and different achievements help to keep you coming back for more.

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Mr. Legs Android Game Review

This week’s  Appy Monday installment is long overdue! But this week I have a game for you that is the one of the weirdest I’ve ever come across!

Mr. Legs is an amazingly quirky unique and to say the least strange android game. The object of the game is simple, collect the cherries as Mr. Legs is as the developers say “is the best CHERRY picker in all of the Deserts Of Londonium”. By swiping your finger up and down the screen you extend or reduce Mr. Legs legs allowing him to gobble up the cherries while also avoiding the dangerous bombs and birds that can attack Mr. Legs.

Mr Legs Android Game

Like all great games the plot is simple and Mr. Legs is no different, where it is different is its style. It’s not too often games of this caliber come along, its styled in a black and white 1920’s style animation that in it’s self is odd. Throw in some off the wall music and the wacky sound effect and you a very very odd ball that is brilliant! You can download Mr. Legs on Google Play for a €0.99. It’s only a euro, you cant even buy a burger for a euro these days!


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Hello there fellow Android Mobilers, hope you guys and gals are all well and appy! This week I have a good old plain and simple loads of fun app for you all to try out.

Face Swap is exactly what it says on the tin…. it lets you change two faces on a picture instantly. The faceswapper tool uses automatic face recognition to select the faces to be swapped and at a touch of a button you can switch the faces of people on to different bodies.

Face Swap

In reality, although the app is pretty well built, it feels solid with good graphics, I found the face recognition to be a bit dodge, it didnt just get the faces exact. That said you do have the option to move the selection to the desired location and if the faces are straight you can get very good results. Face Swap also gives you the option to flip and rotate the faces, giving you even better results.

Overall the results do depend on the picture you are use, I’d like to see an option to zoom into an image to allow you to select faces more accurately. It’s good fun swapping faces of friends or parents with their kids you get some very funny results. A cool app to have a laugh with! Download it on Google Play and have an Appy Monday!

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Granny Smith Android Logo

First off, this is not free! But that in itself is a statement as to how good this game is, it’s the first app I’ve included in the Appy Mondays series that you have to pay for, One Euro and five cent will get you Granny Smith one of the most enjoyable games on the Android market today

There are 36 levels tot his superb game, where you, as Granny Smith don a pair of roller skates to chase after a young thief who tries to steal you apples. The object of the game is to collect all three apples on each level before the thief does. For the most part Granny Smith will self propel herself, you can use the jump button to make her not only jump but somersault into the air, being careful to land her on her feet!. You also have the option of using her cane not only as a speed boost but also the hook the thief and slow him down. As levels progress you use the cane to hang form ropes going between buildings and tress etc.

Granny Smith screen shot android app

Gameplay is exceptional and I got the old school free of Sonic The Hedgehog, so if you are a fan of Sonic, this game is well worth checking out. There are powerups such as helmets and baseballs for throwing in the tool shed that can be swapped for points collected, character changes also int eh shape of a dog and an old man, each with canes!

Gameplay is second only to graphics, the whole game is given a vintage twist to keep up with the aging Granny, menu’s are within old TV surrounds and sepia coloring’s.  The graphically details on every level and how beautifully drawn the buildings and landscapes make the game a joy to play.

Download it, you’ll love it, You’ll have a very Appy Monday!



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Foodspotting Android App Logo

You’ve all heard of trainspotting?… not the film but the epic activity. Well Foodspotting is just like that except you can eat the train! It’s a visual guide to food and where to find it! What more does a body want!

Open up the app and you will be presented with pictures of delicious dishes all sorted by location. You can view the ‘Best’ meals ie. highest rated by other users, view dishes by how ‘Nearby’ they are to your current location or view by the ‘Latest’ dishes added by other users.

I have to say researching  this app did have its benefits!

Foodspotting Android App Screenshot

So next time you are wondering what to eat or where you would like to go to, just pop open the app, click Nearby and the app will not only suggest where to go but show you pictures of the best meals in your area. Sign up with your Facebook account and you can add your own favorite feeds and also rate meals currently added to the app that you may have devoured.

Sorry for the lateness of this Appy Monday installment, hopefully this app will help you have a tastier Tuesday!

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Unbock Car

Welcome to another installment of Appy Monday, this week we are bringing to you a clinker of a puzzle game. Like all good puzzle games the concept is very straight forward but actually completing the puzzles can be tricky. Bring on Unblock Car the goal of Unblock Car is to get the red car out of the car park by rearranging the other coloured  cars.

There are dozens of other sliding puzzle games on the Android platform but what I like about Unblock Car are its graphics and how smooth the game runs. The game is well built and it shows. The cars are well drawn as are the icons and displays of the interface.  The sliding puzzle peices can really be anything but making them cars stuck in a car park was quite clever. Incidentally there are a number of different them if you don’t like the cars just swap them!

Unblock Car

Gameplay as I said earlier about any good puzzle game is straight forward, but Unblock Car does get tricky from the outset. Each level is timed and number of moves are recorded so you can go back and try to improve your performance. There are 2000 levels on the game so you’ll be busy for sometime if you take the challenge of beating them all, you also have the option of easy, normal and hard…. I recommend easy just to start!

Boom!! Have an Appy Monday!




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Klip Logo

This weeks Appy Monday App is HOT and I mean HOT. Klip Video Sharing as the name suggests is a video sharing app for your android mobile.

Think of Klip, kind of like the Twitter of the video world, Klips are short video’s that are easy, quick and fun to watch but also to share.

The sharing is where klip really shines,  the app allows you to share your Klip on not only on your favorite social network but also on the Kilp network.

Klip Video Sharing

The Kilp interface is impressive, once launched the home screen displays the most popular videos currently being shared, with options to also display Latest, Weekly and an All Time (Will we see a Charlies finger here in the future?!) The capture button is cleverly integrated into and once you tap the button to set recording the homescreen with the list of videos swaps to display the view from your camera.

Give Klip a go, Download it from I wouldnt be surprised if this app is snapped up by a major player, oh and have an Appy Monday!





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Traktor Digger Android App

This week we have a bit of curve ball, I cant imagine it will be to everybodies tastes but give it a go, you might just enjoy it!

Traktor Digger puts you in charge of a whole host of different types of tractors, diggers and even a crane! The object of the game is to dig for Gold!! You know you’ve always wanted to do this!

Using the on screen left and right controllers you have to maneuver your vehicle into the correct position, carefully dig through rubble, again using the onscreen joypads (this can be tricky and takes a bit of time to master) move the rubble out of the way to find the gold. Once you can get to the gold you put that in your loading bucket and drop it in the waiting truck.

All sounds very easy doesn’t it! There is an element of a puzzle tot his game, in that you must work of the what to use where and dumping unwanted rubble in some areas can hamper you when you make your move for the gold. Also each levels are timed, which adds a competitive edge to the game.

There are a few cons to this game, mainly the controls which kind put you off the game at first, but because of its uniqueness I think its worth the free download at least. Oh and have an Appy Monday!

Not the best video I’ve ever seen demonstrating a game…

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