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Crossy Roads – Appy Mondays


Why did the chicken cross the road?…. how many reviews of this game have started with these exact words… that’s because Crossy Road is all about getting a chicken safely across a road! And the answer is that the chicken needs to collect coins!

A dull as this game might sound, I found Crossy Road to be a delight to play. You launch the game to blocky old school, Mindcraft inspired graphics that are really well put together. The gentle sounds of the passing traffic are next to grab your attention, yes gentle sounds, the sounds and effects are a stand out element of the game, download it just to experience them. (Is it because we are so familiar with traffic that the effects sound so normal!?)

The aim of the game is to direct the chicken across busy roads with bustling traffic, timing is everything, falter and you are splat on the road or the front of an on-coming car, truck or bus. Other obstacles to beat or avoid are juggernaut trains, speeding police and water rapids. There is also a cat that can jump from a tree!


The further you go and time spent playing the more coins you collect, you can also pick up coins along the way. You can then cash in you coins to get different animals to cross the road, including cats, dogs, frogs, bunnys, fish etc. I’m not sure do these have better skills over other animals but they do have great sound effects!

As with alot of popular games these days Crossy Road is addictive, the roads change every time so its not a case of trying to get further that keeps you addicted, maybe its discovering more that keeps you hooked on the game (taht or the fun sound effects!)

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aa - Android Game

So its Monday again and here is one odd ball game for Android that you just have to check out. aa (yes is lower case) is a simple yet very addictive game, something along the lines of Flappy Bird with regards the frustration levels that can be reached when playing it! The big difference between aa and Flappy Bird is that you can actually make progress and you have more control over the gameplay.

aa android game

Like most great games the idea is simple… start the game and you are faced with a large black dot with a couple of smaller dots attached to it, these dots rotate or spin. Tap the screen again and the loose dots at the bottom of the screen shoot up to attach to the larger dot, one at a time. There is one rule, you cant hit the smaller original dots or the game ends. To clear the level, attach all the dots to the larger dot.

As the levels move up, not only does the larger dot rotate quicker, you have to try and fit more dots, space gets tight quick, requiring a sharper eye, coordination and timing! Still its not that straight forward and thats what I love about this game, it gets harder as you go but its not linear, the dot doesn’t simply rotate faster and faster each level and more and more dots, the rotation can slow down and increase every couple of seconds, the spines get longer and shorter introducing a new angle, you can zip though 4 levels then get bogged down on one for 30 retries, 50 retries! the key so far for me is learning the patterns of rotation… thats all I’ll say!

That said I’m on level 31… anyone any further, let me know. Download the game aa you wont regret it!

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