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Traktor Digger Android App

This week we have a bit of curve ball, I cant imagine it will be to everybodies tastes but give it a go, you might just enjoy it!

Traktor Digger puts you in charge of a whole host of different types of tractors, diggers and even a crane! The object of the game is to dig for Gold!! You know you’ve always wanted to do this!

Using the on screen left and right controllers you have to maneuver your vehicle into the correct position, carefully dig through rubble, again using the onscreen joypads (this can be tricky and takes a bit of time to master) move the rubble out of the way to find the gold. Once you can get to the gold you put that in your loading bucket and drop it in the waiting truck.

All sounds very easy doesn’t it! There is an element of a puzzle tot his game, in that you must work of the what to use where and dumping unwanted rubble in some areas can hamper you when you make your move for the gold. Also each levels are timed, which adds a competitive edge to the game.

There are a few cons to this game, mainly the controls which kind put you off the game at first, but because of its uniqueness I think its worth the free download at least. Oh and have an Appy Monday!

Not the best video I’ve ever seen demonstrating a game…

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Hi there, I have just a quick update for the site that I thought I’d let you all know about.

Through the wonders of the Facebook Developers software and a plugin called Seo Facebook Comment you are now able to leave a comment on our website using your Facebook login details.

Once you are logged into Facebook and you visit our site, without any further login details, email addresses or passwords you can share your own comment on any of our articles or posts. Exceptionally handy I think you’ll agree! There is also and option to post your comment not only on our website but onto your Facebook wall or timeline.

Check it out on any of our posts and tell us what you think!!

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red green blue amp

Hello and welcome to another installment of Appy Mondays! This week we bring you an app fresh off the production line.

Red Green Blue AMP will bring you back to the glory days of 8-bit computer graphics, space shooter style. You take charge of a space ship that fires coloured fireballs of fire. The object of the game is to either build or destroy blocks with these fireballs of fire. WhenI say build or destroy, Red Green Blue AMP is a tactical game where combos bring the big points, so you can fire the fireballs to create a coloured block to keep you combo alive. Keep in mind the blocks are continually moving towards you, making the game very fast paced and keeping you on your toes.

There are 4 modes to the game, depending on how much time you have to kill or just what kind of mood you are in, there are also different difficulty settings, beginner reduces the number o f colours available, a great option when starting off. The get a taste of the this space shooting app there is a free Demo of Red Green Blue AMP on Google Play, the full version is on €0.99 and well worth it!

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Google Play Gift Cards

It was a while back when the notion of Google Play Gift Cards came into my head, so went on the hunt and googled the bejesus out of it… a fruitless effort, they didnt exist. What I did find was a whole host of discussions and pleas for people all over the world for Google to get up off their ass’s and create a Gift Card/Voucher for the Google Play store, it was a no brainer. Apple have been doing it for years with their iTunes store.

We are delighted and over the moon to bring you the news that now finally gift cards will become available in the not to distant future for Google Play…. Wohoo!!!!

Rumors started a few days ago when the latest apk or application file for the Play Store was updated, the folks over at Android Police interrogated the apk and found evidence for the potential addition of gift cards, just yesterday Android Central were “slipped” a few photos of the actual packaging for the gift cards. As shown above.

As of yet, all evidence points to definitely a USA launch, the gift cards are in US dollars, $10 and $25 denominations.  I’d be very surprised if there are not more including a $5 and $40 or $50 denominations. As for international currency well thats another matter…. maybe not at first but eventually. When, I hear you say will they become…. possibly end of August is the answer.

Here’s also hoping they create digital versions of them, which i think would be very useful. Any friends that usually get gifts from me at Christmas, well now they know what they are getting this year!!

On a side note… the coloured triangle, is it me or does it remind you of a certain Pink Floyd album cover??

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Prepare to have fun, raptastic fun! AutoRap is the latest piece of exciting software from Smule that you have to download and try out.

We have all heard of autotune, the technology used by questionable music artists around the world, well AutoRap is the next step up from that, not only will it autotune your own voice but it will swap chop and change your lyrics to match the beat your choose.

And it works unbelievable well! Check this out!

There are 2 modes, Talk mode and Rap mode. In Talk mode simply talk into the app, choose the beat or even a song from artists such as Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Eminem (You have to purchase these as extra content) and let Autorap do its magic. it will rearrange slow down or speed up what you spoke into the app and mix it with the beat to produce an excellent rap!

Rap mode is for the pros, choose the song or beat you want then follow the rap on the screen as it scrolls past. AutoRap will auto correct the timing making your rap slick smooth.

Once you’ve layed down your beats and added your lyrics, AutoRap has excellent sharing options so you can pass the tunes on to you friends via facebook, twitter or good old email.

Take a look at the video below just to see how easy it is to lay down a rap! And have yourself a Rap Appy Monday!




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Fifteen Puzzle X

Fifteen Puzzle X is a modern take or some might say a software take on an old hardware version of the Fifteen Puzzle.
The basic game is made up of 15 tiles placed in a grid and jumbled up, your job is to solve the puzzle by sliding the tiles and arrange them in order…. It’s all coming back now isn’t it!
Fifteen Puzzle X does an excellent job at recreating the game, sliding the tiles is fluid and responsive, a key factor in such a game. There a good few options aswell such as different styles or skins for the boards. You can play with numbers, Roman numerals or letters. To test your skill further there are 2 bigger boards a 5 by 5 board and a 6 by 6 board. (Beginners board is 4 by 4)

One gripe I do have and a user mentioned it in google play comments is, when you finish a game the screen flicks back to the menu screen and you don’t get a chance to marvel over your completed puzzle.
An added feature I would like to see is the option to add an image or photo to the grid, so you can literally rearrange your face!! All in all a great app, well worth the download. – Oh Yeah… Have yourselves an Appy Monday!

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Samsung Mobile Unpacked event 29 August 2012

Amid the turmoil of patent battles with Apple, Samsung have a announced their latest addition to their Galaxy family.

Most people will be familiar the Samsung Galaxy Note, a monster sized phone so much so it borders the line of tablet with its 5.3 inch screen the Phone/Tablet even has a stylus . Samsung Galaxy Note full review from earlier in the year, this is a review of the old Galaxy note but it should give you an idea of what Samsung will be offering with thier new Galaxy Note.

Details are few and far between as of yet, but what is known is the new Note will sport a 5.5 inch screen (bigger than the current version) an improved camera and a more powerful processor….

Taking that in mind and looking at the Samsung Galaxy S3 specs we would be guessing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 should be tricked out with similar specs, 1.5 GHz Quad-core? and perhaps a 12 megapixel camera??…

Very well, how and ever and therefore will we have to wait till August 29th to get full details and a glimpse of the new device when Samsung will be holding Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin.

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